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Solar Panel and Energy Storage Solutions for Vancouver Island


How can solar work for you?

Schedule your free assessment & quote below to find out.

Turn-key solutions that provide everything you need to start producing power and move towards energy freedom.

  • Solutions tailored to your specific energy goals

  • Residential solar projects

  • Commercial solar projects

  • Grid-tied solar systems

    • ​Roof based

    • Ground mount

  • Off-grid solar systems

  • Battery back up

  • Energy monitoring

  • Generator systems

  • RV and boat systems

  • Upgrades & maintenance on existing solar installations

We offer no-commitment personalized quotes and designs to help bring your solar vision to life.

Wondering what the process looks like? It's simple. 

  1. Contact us

  2. Initial estimate & system design

  3. Site visit and final quote

  4. Installation


Contact Son Solar today to request a free assessment and quote for your electrical or solar project.

Thanks for your request! We will contact you soon.

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